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Green State USA Meets Ed VanDyne

March 28, 2010 – From Cheese and Crackers

While out on the road researching our brand new Rocky Mountain PBS show, Green State USA, Cheese and Crackers met with one of Colorado’s green entrepreneurs, Ed VanDyne, Founder and CEO of the VanDyne SuperTurbo™.

Ed explained that his SuperTurbo™ device can increase an average gasoline engine’s performance by up to 25 – 30% while also increasing torque and power. More efficiency and power from smaller engines means we save every time we fill up at the pumps. The SuperTurbo™ also eliminates up to 4,000 pounds of CO₂ per year which is also great for our environment. The SuperTurbo™ is designed to work on current gasoline and diesel engines and future ethanol and bio-diesels engines.

Ed and his team are currently planning 6 test beds where the SuperTurbo™ will be fitted to engines running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for weeks on end. With major car manufacturers already very interested in the obvious advantages of the SuperTurbo™, this Colorado-based company is a must to feature in Green State USA. Ed’s team are adding a SuperTurbo™ to his very own AC Cobra to demonstrate the raw power advantages of the SuperTurbo™. We have been promised the Cobra will be ready in time for filming!