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SuperTurbo Vehicle Demonstrator

November 5, 2018

SuperTurbo Technologies’ vehicle demonstrator, a Peterbilt 389 with Cummins ISX15 engine, continues to provide great value for validating efficiency improvement and enhancing durability in real world operating conditions.

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Isuzu Motors and SuperTurbo to present at SAE World Congress results of SuperTurbo used to optimize 7.8L engine for efficiency and emissions

February 12, 2019

Isuzu Motors and SuperTurbo are publishing a paper which will be presented at the SAE World Congress titled “Optimizing Steady State Diesel Efficiency and Emissions using a SuperTurbo on an Isuzu 7.8L Engine”

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Mission Statement:

SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. is committed to the reduction of criteria pollutants from commercial internal combustion engines while improving vehicle efficiency and performance through the development and production of the next generation of advanced controlled boosting technology.