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Successful Simulation with SuperTurbo Technologies

December 13, 2021

AVL and SuperTurbo™ Technologies Successfully Complete Simulation for Hydrogen Engine Application

This week, AVL and SuperTurbo Technologies announced that they successfully completed their collaboration to investigate the carbon and emissions reduction possibilities of the hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE). Focusing specifically on commercial vehicle applications, they are exploring the benefits of applying the SuperTurbo to a 13L heavy duty engine with H2 combustion.

The focus of the simulation was to verify the transient capability of the SuperTurbo when applied to the high airflow requirements of the H2ICE, as well as to optimize the fuel efficiency of the engine across a steady state operating map while minimizing NOx emissions. Various turbine and compressor designs were evaluated with different engine configurations to explore the flexibility in applying the SuperTurbo to the H2ICE.

The results of the simulation indicated the SuperTurbo can increase BTE by 1-2% while maintaining rapid, diesel-like transients with high air flow to minimize NOx production. Throughout the map, the SuperTurbo demonstrated the flexibility to optimize the lambda to lower engine out NOx to less than 1-2 g/kWh over the majority of the engine operating range, as well as substantially lower maximum NOx values at peak power, without the use of an EGR system.

Learn more about the partnership between AVL and SuperTurbo Technologies by clicking here.