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SuperTurbo Technologies, Inc. Partners with AVL to Conduct Design Validation Process for The SuperTurbo™–a Mechanically Driven Turbocharger that Enables Optimization of Both Performance and Emissions at all Operating Points

June 9, 2021

LOVELAND, Colo.June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SuperTurbo Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the final product Design Validation work for the SuperTurbo.  This important milestone is the result of several years of successful technology and product development and refinement, including significant testing by OEMs as well as by industry-leading third-party testing facilities.

The SuperTurbo is designed to support 7.5L to 16L diesel engines for both on-highway and construction applications where increasingly strict emission and CO2 regulations require advanced air management systems.  The Design Validation Process will be led by AVL as part of a broader partnership collaboration that includes Design for Manufacturing with key production partners.  SuperTurbo selected AVL as its partner in order to leverage their decades of experience and industry-leading expertise to design a full range of extensive durability, functionality and reliability growth testing and analyses using simulations, bench rigs, engine dynamometers and vehicle testing.  This process will result in a SuperTurbo design that is fully vetted and ready to meet the rigorous, real world demands of the commercial vehicle markets

Production partners have been identified and plans developed for taking the SuperTurbo into production following the successful completion of the Design Validation Process.

Leading global engine OEMs continue to demonstrate strong interest in the SuperTurbo for achieving China 7, Euro 7 and California Air Resource Board / EPA 2024 / 2027 emissions requirements while also delivering outstanding transient response performance and efficiency.

About SuperTurbo Technologies, Inc.
SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. specializes in the design, development and commercialization of SuperTurbos™ for commercial vehicles for on highway and construction markets.  The SuperTurbo™ is a mechanically driven turbocharger which allows engine OEMs to control the airflow and EGR for the engine, enabling optimization of both performance and emissions at all operating points.  Other benefits include transient cycle efficiency, exhaust energy recovery through compounding, particulate reduction, Cold Start/Low NOx improvement, engine down-sizing, down-speeding and improved engine braking.  For more information, visit

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