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Isuzu Motors and SuperTurbo to present at SAE World Congress results of SuperTurbo used to optimize 7.8L engine for efficiency and emissions

February 12, 2019

Isuzu Motors and SuperTurbo are publishing a paper which will be presented at the SAE World Congress titled “Optimizing Steady State Diesel Efficiency and Emissions using a SuperTurbo on an Isuzu 7.8L Engine”

The presentation will provide information on years of simulation, development, and engine testing, with a focus on steady state optimization of an Isuzu 7.8L diesel.  Explanations will be provided on how a driven turbocharger such as the SuperTurbo functions differently than a normal turbocharger and how it improved steady state performance by precisely controlling and balancing boost pressure, air fuel ratio, high pressure EGR, and supercharging or compounding power.  The results shown will include the effects on emissions and the way in which both the fundamental aero design of the turbine and compressor and the control system strategy worked to minimize those emissions.