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VanDyne SuperTurbo™, Inc. is Awarded Phase II SBIR Contract from the U.S. Army valued at $727,000

May 19, 2011

Ft. Collins, CO – May 19, 2011 – VanDyne SuperTurbo™ ,Inc. has successfully completed Phase I of the U.S. Army Small Business Innovative Research Program and has recently signed a contract to commence Phase II of the program; valued at $727,000. Included in this second phase of the program the Company will be delivering the Army a prototype of the large SuperTurbo for testing at the Army Tank and Automotive Command Center in Q2 2012. The Company will commence work on Phase II immediately.

The initial proposal for Phase I of the program that VanDyne SuperTurbo™ was awarded in April 2010 was titled: “Diesel Waste Heat Recovery Utilizing a SuperTurbo™”. During Phase I of the program it was proven through modeling and simulation that the VanDyne SuperTurbo™ delivered what it promised with 6% efficiency gains when used in place of the current turbochargers on the Army Heavy Equipment Transport System. Phase 1 had to be successfully completed in order for the Company to be awarded Phase 2 of the program. If successfully awarded Phase 3, the Company will then be asked to deliver an on-vehicle demonstrator, followed by a retro-fit program for the Army.

“The value of this contract goes way beyond the monetary value” said Ed VanDyne, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “When we prove our technology to the Army and get into production, we will be saving lives, by giving soldiers more range and power for their vehicles. We are very confident that a SuperTurbo™ will provide a huge value to the Army in fuel savings as well.”

Through this SBIR Program VanDyne SuperTurbo™ ,Inc. is collaborating with Caterpillar Inc. The Army SuperTurbo™ is being developed and tested on a Cat engine. Caterpillar is a sub-awardee to VanDyne within this contract.

The VanDyne SuperTurbo™ technology continues to gain wide acceptance from both Industry and the U.S. Government as evidenced by several significant contracts over the past year. In addition to the Phase I and Phase II SBIR grants for the US Army, the Company has also won a National Science Foundation SBIR Phase I award, and a Department of Energy Grant entitled “Super Truck” as a subcontractor to Cummins. In October 2010, the Company also received the Outstanding Venture Award at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 23rd Industry Growth Forum and the Cleantech Emerging Company of the Year by the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association.

VanDyne SuperTurbo™, Inc. headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado specializes in the design, development and production of the SuperTurbo™ for the global automotive market and heavy duty engine manufacturers. A SuperTurbo™ offers the most cost effective solution to address the challenges with fuel efficiency and emission reduction for all combustion engines.