Product Overview

Cold Start

Exhaust Bypass to Aftertreatment for Thermal Management



As future government emission regulations tighten for diesel engines, quickly heating up the exhaust aftertreatment during cold start and maintaining the temperature of the aftertreatment will become increasingly important. The SuperTurbo™ allows for an exhaust bypass around the turbine, taking hot exhaust gasses from the engine directly to the aftertreatment, while maintaining the ability to provide boost to the engine through supercharging. Preliminary testing on a heavy duty diesel engine shows the potential to increase downstream exhaust temperatures 50+°C within the first minute of engine startup, greatly improving aftertreatment light-off times. Even with the exhaust bypass, the engine can still accelerate the vehicle, as the SuperTurbo™ can utilize its supercharging capabilities to provide the engine with the boost required for higher levels of torque.

The flexibility provided to engine manufacturers through the SuperTurbo’s™ ability to control airflow extends beyond the engine performance benefits. The ability to bypass exhaust gasses around the turbine, while still providing boosted airflow to the engine is another tool that can be utilized to quickly increase exhaust aftertreatment temperatures up to operating levels. This enhanced capability for thermal management of the aftertreatment systems enables manufacturers to meet stricter emissions regulations of the future.